Nokia N9 Outsells all other Phones in Finland During October

Nov 8, 2011


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Last week, we pondered why Nokia would move its focus from something as beautiful as MeeGo, to Windows Phone. Today, it seems the company should begin wondering this too. According to a press release from Elisa, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Finland, the Nokia N9 was the most popular phone on the market during the month of October for personal customers.

The numbers are crazy, with what we can pull out of the release stating that the Nokia N9 was also the fourth most popular phone amongst business users during October, being slightly beaten by the iPhone 4. It was also pipped by the Nokia E7 (a Symbian device), apparently due to the size of the keyboard, which is popular amongst Finnish business types.

According to the release (translated with Google Translate), Elisa says that "October sales rose to become the Nokia N9 immediately individual customers top-selling phone." Nokia's based in Finland, so we're not surprised the device is popular, but they didn't expect it to be this ​popular did they?

Later this month, the Windows Phone based Lumia devices go on sale around the world, but if early reviews of the device and sales of the N9 are an indication, will it be good enough?


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