Nokia Web Tools version 1.5 now Available

Nov 5, 2011


The latest version of Nokia Web Tools, version 1.5, is now available for download. This update enables you to create more valuable web apps for Nokia Series 40 phones, and addresses feedback that you provided regarding the prior release (1.2).

The most notable new features include geolocation for location-aware web apps; full-screen display so you can have more control over the user experience of the apps you develop; and SMS messaging URI.

In the new release, the tools now offer local and cloud preview, drag-and-drop code snippets, and location simulation to increase productivity. Built on Eclipse, Nokia Web Tools also contains code templates; improved documentation and samples; and Web Inspector (identified in the simulator toolbar as 'debugger') with features for debugging your web apps.

The Mobile Web Library (MWL) is integrated with the tools. It is a JavaScript Library that handles basic on-device operations such as page transitions and AJAX updates. MWL enables excellent interactivity in web applications that might otherwise be affected by server round-trip delays.

You will also find the following:

•    New simulator skins with Touch and Type and non-touch profiles.
•    Support for geography-specific data centres.
•    Improved code assist and validation during app authoring and packaging.
•    Various usability-related enhancements, including new toolbar, better icons, and labels.
•    Support for providing feedback from within the Web Developer Channel, as well as an option for running network diagnostics.
•    Eclipse JSDT replaces Aptana components as the web authoring provider.

Also, the UI for the Nokia Browser for Series 40 has been reorganised and updated. It now features modern transparent icons to activate generic web apps features in the Touch and Type UI.

When it comes to Series 40 web apps, here are some key points to keep in mind:

You will be able to acquire location through core features of the W3C Geolocation API, which depends on a network-based location and is limited in accuracy by the technology on a phone. For instance, the Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type, Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type, and Nokia C2-06 Touch and Type phones all offer a multi-cell (triangulation) positioning system. The accuracy of this system is dependent on the density of cell towers in the phone’s location; the more towers, the greater the accuracy. The accuracy of the position will therefore vary from a few tens of meters, where cell tower density is high, to a few hundreds of meters, where the density of cell towers is low.

By comparison, Nokia phones based on Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 and earlier offer single-cell positioning. The accuracy of this method depends on the coverage offered by a cell tower. It can vary from hundreds of meters in urban locations to thousands of meters in rural locations. Because this location feature is network-dependent, it may not be available in all countries, or for all operators.

Series 40 web apps also offer the ability to send SMS. They can also handle web app image caching, which stores all images defined in the web app on the phone for faster browsing.

Download Nokia Web Tools 1.5.

*Please note: Support for Symbian Web Runtime has been removed from this version of Nokia Web Tools. If you plan to continue creating Symbian widgets, you should retain a copy of version 1.2, and also install the new version 1.5. Instructions are available in the installation guide.


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