Review - Desk Wizard - A DeskTop Holder

Nov 9, 2011


I don't know about you, but I'm quite sick and tired of changing DeskTop Holders every time I change my phone. Yes, I change my phone often and I love having the convenience of charging my phone and displaying a night clock next to my bed. I've changed phones SO many times, its really an issue now.

So I think I've found an interesting solution. I give you DESK WIZARD !!! (Not give, present!!). Desk Wizard is a truly Multi Purpose Desk Holder as it can:

  • Hold your Device
  • Charge your Device
  • Provide additional USB ports for your PC / Mac
  • Act as a Multi Card reader for your PC / Mac


The mobile phone dock has a non slip rubber piece on the front that stops you phone slipping, so therefore it can dock a variety of phones on it (tested with Nokia N9 without the case, Blackberry 9780, Nokia E71 with Gel case and also the massive Samsung Galaxy Note).

To charge your phone the unit comes with a charging cable with changeable tips that fit most phones on the market. If you have it connected to your computer via a Mini USB Cable you can then use the two USB ports and also the Multi Card Reader (M2, Micro SD, MS/ MS PRO DUO/ SD/MMC/ RS MMC / Mini SD).

It looks sleek and is finished off with a Blue light at the front 🙂




As requested by Micke, heres the link for more information.


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