Simplictionary - A Simple Dictionary Reader" for N9/N950 (Harmattan)

Nov 13, 2011

Simplictionary is a simple reader for dictionaries in XDXF format.
It is almost entirely written in QML (except the usual launcher part and a tiny helper class for getting a list of installed dictionaries from the filesystem).

You can download it from the homepage:

As usual, comments and feedback are highly appreciated.
Please also note that Simplictionary isn't in any way optimized performance-wise.
Neither do I expect to get the time to optimize it.
It's a pretty quick hack to display dictionaries in XDXF format as this was what I needed at the moment.
I still hope some of you will find it useful.


What would it take to optimise this? I can't get it to work in my N9 at all, and fail to see how it's useful in its current form. To begin with a dictionary of any size takes a long time to load, which makes switching back and forth between one language direction to another (German-English to English-German, say), which are different dictionaries, impractical in the field. And it is impossible to find a word in the dictionary. Scrolling is nice and smooth, but a minute of scrolling in a sizeable dictionary won't even get you out of the first letter of the alphabet, or even close. There is a search function, but typing more than two characters locks up the app with over 90% of CP going to it and I have to kill it.

So how can this app be made useful? There are a HUGE number of dictionaries available, so it would certainly be fantastic if there were a way to use it.


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