How to: Speed up Nokia N9 Transitions.

Nov 28, 2011

F2thaK at has put together a how to on speeding up transitions for the N9. I’ve not had a problem with how the transitions themselves, I think they’re extremely well times to direct the user as to what is happening on the screen.

As recent anecdotal example, our smartphone nOOb, Steve commented on smoothness of the 800 vs 4S. They are actually just as quick as each other except the animation of the 4S keyboard you can see rotating on screen whilst the 800 dips under and reappears. It’s better than a sudden landscape/portrait switch.

I know there are a few users that might prefer no transition animations at all, thinking it’s unnecessary eye candy. I prefer with the eye candy, so in this update, I think some of the transitions are a little too fast for me (i.e. it’s almost non-existent in rotation, so looks too sudden, but that’s just me). In other places it looks well improved.

Here’s the instructions on what to do.


Source My Nokia Blog

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