0.2-2 CPU Power Control - Your Universal CPU Control Centre

Nov 9, 2011

Bringing you CPUTweak in a new suit - now written in Python-GTK, zenity, and bash.
This is an official app now, it is heading to the repos soon!










  • Using these prebuilt profiles and/or setting them as default
  • Building your own profile, and having the ability to modify most KP parameters (freqs, avoid freqs, SR, Sampling rate, Up threshold...)
  • And of course, using all of these with the classical Dynamic CPU Scaling patch and effective battery saving patches!

To understand more:
The patch Dynamic CPU Scaling requires a profile to load when the device is active, so you can use either one of the prebuilt profiles, your profiles, or build a new one at the spot.
Preloaded profiles are saved in /usr/share/kernel-power-settings/reg
Build my own profiles are in /usr/share/kernel-power-settings/userbuilt

Note: Once you select on of the preloaded profiles, reg will be created in /usr/share/kernel-power-settings/ which stands for that profile.

Additional help is included in the application.

The package requires:


#Installing these
apt-get install dbus-scripts zenity python python-osso python-gtk2
#Removing these if you've got them
apt-get remove cputweak-dcs
apt-get remove batterypatch

Version 0.2-2

*Allows you to quickly load your userbuilt profile from the profiles option - if it found one,
*Allows you to load a profile when idle, and another one when active if you activate the DCS patch (or the express),
*Adds support for POWERSAVE_BIAS
*Adds support for IGNORE_NICE_LOAD
*Fixed the 125MHz bug reported

Version 0.2
*Added info about prebuilt profiles in "Help"
*Fixed a directory misspelling bug

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