Waiting for Tizen

Nov 24, 2011


Its been 4 years since my last phone upgrade (a Nokia N95) from O2 having purchased a Nexus One direct from Google in 2010. My eye was caught by the Samsung Note so I ordered and received it today. Half phone, half tablet, my son Matt has christened it the 'phablet'. See it pictured below next to the Nokia N950.



Spec wise we have Samsung Exynos chipset with a 1.4GHz dual-core cpu, Mali-400 GPU and 1GB RAM.  5.3" HD Super AMOLED screen and also boasts a stylus , sorry S-Pen which is great for quick note taking. Full spec at:

Kernel source is available now at:

Here's hoping we can get the required driver support from the Tizen project (as Samsung are partners in that project with Intel) to make this the next developer handset to follow on from the N900/N950/N9.


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