With this post I will have finally made my 10,000th tweet on Twitter. Now I know that may not sound like a really big figure. Its probably REALLY small compared to some other Twitter users but for me, its huge.

Why ? Over the last few years i’ve always tried to keep on the subject matter for this Twitter account to Maemo & MeeGo and as these two OSs have never been main stream or hugely known of I think I have done Well (self pat on the back … Lol).

Now 2011 is almost finished and 2012 beckons a new short term romance. MeeGo is dead in its original ideals that we toasted in together at the MeeGo Conference 2010 in Dublin. Everytime I think of that event I always want to mount a table and preach that “I was there man …” (Picture a Vietnam dude and your there) . Yes, I know MeeGo Harmattan has survived but MeeGo Harmattan was never where we were supposed to collectively end up and lets not argue if MeeGo Harmattan is MeeGo or not. Nokia managed to get it labelled as MeeGo so thats the end of that.

The final nail in MeeGo’s coffin was dealt by the Linux Foundations announcement at Intel Elements in September, that MeeGo was coming to an end and Tizen will be the new OS of choice. Qt has now been dropped, HTML5 & EFL have now been embraced and the pact has been made never mention the Nokia name again.

All that is left to do is bury MeeGo and that will certainly be done soon when the website closes down.

Nokia is still driving MeeGo Harmattan and that love / drive will take care of the current Nokia N9 users needs but in the long term this new “community” will get passed off to Meltimi, an Operating System aimed at the mid to low end Mobile Phone market. At that time MeeGo Harmattan will not be at the forefront of anyones minds or emotions.

I thank you for reading MeeGoExperts. I thank you for taking part in this journey. MeeGo Harmattan and Mer are both here with Tizen peeking around the corner, exciting times !!!

Here are some Pics from the MeeGo Conference again: