Mieru - A Flexible Manga and Comic Book Reader - Nokia N9

Introducing Mieru - a flexible manga and comic book reader. Mieru (見える) is a Japanese word that can be translated as to be seen, to look or to appear.
Dec 20, 2011

Introducing Mieru - a flexible manga and comic book reader.
Mieru (見える) is a Japanese word that can be translated as to be seen, to look or to appear.

Project resources
website (temporary)
issue tracker <- for submitting bugs & feature requests
source code repository

How to turn pages: just tap on the left (go back) or right (go to next) half of the screen.

Feature overview:

  • support for all commonly used formats
    • rar, zip, tar, image folders, ...
  • automatic loading of previous/next chapters
  • history of last open titles (the whole history or selected items it can be erased)
  • reopens on last open page at startup in the last viewed region
  • elegant & touch friendly interface
  • kinetic scrolling & pinch zoom support
    • for persistent zoom scale, enable Remember scale in Options
  • an easy to use paging slider
  • paging feedback arrows (can be turned off in Options)
  • fullscreen support (the fullscreen toggle button can be made invisible in Options)
  • portrait and landscape support (automatic rotation or portrait/landscape lock)
  • information about currently open chapter + online search of chapter name
  • funny Stats page
  • an About page
  • quite a few configuration options

How to get Mieru

Ovi store
Mieru should be available from Ovi store once it clears the Ovi QA.

Apps for Meego
Mieru has been submitted to and is waiting for community feedback to pass the community QA.
If you have a few minutes, please help by testing Mieru according to the Apps for MeeGo Community QA howto, so that it can soon enter the main Apps repository.

Manual package installation
It is also possible to install the Mieru package manually.
(installation from Ovi or Apps doesn't need developer mode and is fully automatic)

become root be running devel-su in the developer mode

  • manually install all dependencies needed by Mieru
    apt-get update
    apt-get install libzip1, libarchive1, python-pyside.qtgui, python-pyside.qtdeclarative, python-magic, python
  • download the package Mieru installation package from its OBS repository
  • install the Mieru package

Source & Licence

current version: V2.1.4


V 2.1.4
* add missing dependency on compression libraries

V 2.1.3
* initial release of Mieru with QML GUI for Harmattan

Q: How to turn pages ?
A: Tap on the left or right part of the screen.


Source MeeGo

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