[Coming Soon] - Boxee Remote for Nokia N9

Dec 13, 2011

Getting Started with Boxee Remote for N9

Boxee is a home-theater PC software that you can connect to your TV and stream videos/music from other computers and play them from a single entry. Furthermore it is a social network powered home theater application, you can post what you are watching on Twitter or Facebook and watch videos your friends posted on Twitter or Facebook.

You have two options to use Boxee, you can either buy a Boxee Box or make your own Boxee as presented in Boxee’s website ( For the first choice you need this application because of its powerful NFC and proximity features, otherwise Boxee Box comes with its own remote, for the second choice, you need to have this application if you posses one of the coolest phones ever, the Nokia N9.

Boxee Remote is a remote controller interface for Boxee, you can use this remote to navigate, search, play/pause/stop videos or music and adjust the volume of Boxee.

For now Boxee Remote for N9 is going through Ovi QA and it will be available shortly for download and it is free of charge.

Below are getting started images how to use Boxee and explore its capabilities.


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