Application - Crochik Shutdown for Nokia N9/N950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Simple Utility to shutdown or reboot your harmattan (n950/n9) device.
Dec 29, 2011

Simple Utility to shutdown or reboot your harmattan (n950/n9) device


Where can I get it?

Download latest version (0.0.2)

How do I delete the 1-Click icons (shutdown, reboot)?

You will have to manually delete crochik-shutdown.desktop and crochik-reboot.desktop from /home/user/.local/share/applications. You can do this using the x-terminal or a file manager (please note the /home/user/.local is a hidden folder).

I have installed version 0.0.1.

In order to see the new icons you first need to remove manually the 1-click shortcuts (see above)

I have a question/comment.

Please email it to [email protected]


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