Application - Drive Logger for Nokia N9 - MeeGo Harmattan

Dec 12, 2011

Drive Logger is a driving log for enthusiastic/professional drivers. Use your mobile's GPS to track your mileage. Automatic address search and easy to use interface.

The distance measured by GPS can vary greatly depending on weather conditions, satellite positions and numerous other random things that can't be 100% taken into account. Always use the odometer of your vehicle to verify distance readings.

The application starts up in the 'New log' view and starts to locate your position right away. 'Location' shows your current location in text form. If you have started logging, the next three fields show information about the current trip. A new log can be started by pushing the button in the lower part of the screen. The text in the button changes from 'Wait for position' to 'Start logging' after position is deemed to be accurate enough. When the logging is not running, you can turn off the GPS with 'GPS off'.

Diary View:

Diary view shows the logs stored in the database. Click a log to display detailed information. To delete a log, press and hold on one log and from the opening menu, choose 'Remove'.

Details View:

Detail view shows detailed information about the log. You can edit start location, end location and odometer distance to your liking. Also log specific notes can be added in the field 'Notes'. Save your changes by clicking 'Save'

Utilities View :

Utilities view contains basic settings. You can set whether the GPS distances are shown in kilometers or in miles by flicking the switch 'Use imperial units'. If you want the application to show address of your location instead of coordinates, switch 'Automatic address search' on. This feature requires active internet connection to operate.


Source Maemo Briefs

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