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Dec 14, 2011


Introducing Faster Darker Theme for the N9!

This affects all apps including Conversations, Mail and Phone. It also includes my dark Clock theme and Faster transitions.

This installs as a separate theme which you can change to using Theme Changer.
Please report any bugs or requests here.
WARNING: This still under development. Any new version released MAY be untested and MAY have unforseen affects on your device. Use at your own risk.



BACKUP, Download, extract the folder in the zip file into "/usr/share/themes/" on your N9. Ensure the files are in "/usr/share/themes/fasterdarker/". Reboot and enjoy!

Install with Terminal:
1. Connect N9 to PC via USB Mass storage.
2. Extract the folder in zip file to root directory. You should have the folder "fasterdarker" in the root folder, not in Documents.
3. Unplug USB, open the Terminal app and type: (Press ENTER at end of each line)

[enter root password, default is "rootme"]
cp -R /home/user/MyDocs/fasterdarker/ /usr/share/themes/

4. Delete the "fasterdarker" folder via USB Mass Storage.
5. Install and open Theme Changer.
6. Select Faster Darker theme.
7. Reboot and enjoy!

Blanco Theme


Version 3.3 (12/12/11)
- Changed Volume level indicator during call colour to green
- Changed Media Volume level indicator colour to green
- Orientation is locked to portrait by default
- Extended duration of SMS/IM/Call Notifications
- Font colours tweak
- Messaging Bubbles tweak and fix

Version 3.2 (11/12/11)
- VKB fix: Terminal toolbar
- Messaging bubbles tweak
- Button colour fix
- Phone Dialler button text colour tweak
- Font colours tweak

Version 3.1 (9/12/11)
- Font colours tweak
- Messaging Bubbles colour tweak

Version 2.6 (9/12/11)
- Virtual Keyboard fixes: Toolbar Action Key, Completer List, Editor Magnifier, Handwriting, Text Editor Mode & Magnifier
- Unreadable web address in Web app bug fixed

Version 2.5 (9/12/11)
- Reverted Spinner to default colour
- Fixed Link font colour bug
- Removed duplicated images
- Reduced image file sizes
- Added theme icon
- Background fix
- Feeds splash fix
- Notes splash fix
- Documents splash fix
- Facebook splash fix
- Messaging text input background tweak
- Changed Booting Logo to "MeeGo"
- Changed Messaging bubbles to Light Grey & Dark Grey

Version 2.4 (8/12/11)
- Merged Faster transitions with Dark Theme
- Made into independent theme (you will need the Theme Changer app)

Version 2.2 (7/12/11)
- Mail app background bug fixed

Version 2.1 (7/12/11)
- More font tweaks
- Mail app tweak

Version 2.0 (7/12/11)
- Virtual Keyboard: Completer, Magnifier and Wordtracker fixes
- Page Indicator fix
- Panel fix
- Navigation Bar fix
- Navigation Bar Buttons fix
- List tweak
- Buttons fix
- Header tweaks
- Toolbar fix
- Sheet fix
- Separator fix
- Changed Spinner colour to red
- Changed Restore Spinner colour to red
- Changed Restore logo colour to red
- Changed Button text font colour to white
- Reduced images filesize by 50%
- Tweaked font colours
- Clock app loading screen tweak

Version 1.3 (7/12/11)
- Fixes to Mail app
- Button font colour: black
- Text frame fix
- Header fix

Version 1.2 (7/12/11)
- Fixed List backgrounds

Version 1.1
- Fixes for Conversations
- Fixes for Terminal

Version 1.0
- Initial release

Bugs / To-do:
- Minor graphic glitch in clock app (in alarm time setting screen)
- Make Calendar app background black
- Button graphic glitch (Some buttons look sh.t)
- Navigation bar graphic glitches (mainly in Store app)


Source Maemo.Org

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