Application - FingerTerm Version 0.9.2 for Nokia N9/N950

Dec 14, 2011

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An alternative terminal emulator for Harmattan (Nokia N9/N950) with a custom virtual keyboard. Started as an experiment because I felt the constant resizing happening with the normal virtual keyboard was annoying, especially with screen and irssi running on a remote machine.

It's beta. Features are missing and there are bugs.
Binary only release for now. The version released on this website may be freely distributed, but please link to this page if possible.
Configuration files are at ~/.config/FingerTerm/
settings.ini has some options not available through the UI (hopefully self-explanatory enough)
it's possible to add used-defined commands to menu.xml
default.layout holds the default/example keyboard layout

Download version 0.9.2~beta

  • virtual keyboard behavior setting: off/fade/move
  • keypress feedback
  • improved pan gestures (meant for irssi)
  • configurable keyboard layout
  • various UI fixes and tweaks


Version 0.9.1~beta

  • various terminal control sequence related bugfixes
  • basic pan gesture support (pan left/right to change channels in irssi)
  • some ui tweaks


Version 0.9.0~beta

  • The first public release



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