Application - The Flashlight for Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan

Dec 15, 2011

This Article is from My Nokia Blog:

Developer Blurb:

It is the best flashlight yet. Featuring a clear and easy user interface, quick and easy to use.

  • Bright led light
  • Strobo light
  • Hold to keep lit
  • Light at start up
  • SOS Distress
  • No ads

I really like this flashlight app. It looks great, and works great and has really useful flashlight related settings.

I like how responsive the flashlight button is. Works better than Flashlight 7 on the Lumia 800 (I think using the LED was just a work around on the 800). Press it on, it turns on, press it off, it turns off.
It’s nice that it works when multitask. I sometimes find I accidentally leave it on, but on other occasions this means that I can turn the screen off, save battery and glare whilst the screen is locked and LED is on.

Neat features such as:

  • hold to keep lit
  • light at start up
  • strobo mode
  • SOS distress
  • and a neat slider to change the strobe frequency.
  • Settings disappear after not touching them.

Although it didn’t do the extras that Flashlight 7 did, it doesn’t need to. All I really wanted was a plain flashlight app that just works, and The Flashlight on the Nokia N9 does that.

Here is the link for Ovi Store.

Source My Nokia Blog

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