Application - Mediadownloader QML for Nokia N9/N950 Updated

Dec 6, 2011


A note for people that want to update from Nokia Store. As stated here, you must update manually with Nokia Store application: “Note: Application updates are currently not shown in Notifications on the Harmattan device. However, users can find the updates in the My stuff view of the Nokia Store application.”


    • search images on Google Image
    • search videos on YouTube and BlipTv
    • Download, preview, set as desktop wallpaper images and a video frame

In this new version (v0.3.0):

  • fixed searching feeds with BlipTv
  • set a  wallpaper with huge images now work as expected
  • added a busy indicator while retrieving feeds
  • added the Google Suggest option (you can enable/disable it with the upper left “G” button)


A lite version, which is limited only to search the first 8 feeds, is now available at Nokia Store.

Please, if you find any issues, bug or you want some improvements, don’t hesitate to write here or send an email to me and maybe add a nice review at the Store 😉



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