Application - Meecast for Nokia N9/N950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Dec 9, 2011

Meecast is a highly customizable open source weather forecast app for MeeGo Harmattan devices, allows you to choose from various weather information providers, comes with sleek design, widget support and more. The app is available for Nokia N9 / N950 for free over Nokia Store.



  • User friendly and appealing interface design optimized for minimum scren power consumption of your Nokia N9.
  • Option to choose from various weather information providers to find the most accurate for your location
  • Track the weather conditions of as many locations as you want
  • Use the visual style that fits
  • Adjustable units- Not only temperature but also wind speed and pressure.
  • Events view widget- You don’t need to launch the app to check current weather, this info is available right on your Events view.

Download From Ovi Store .


Source SymbianTweet

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