Application - Waze for Nokia N900/N9/N950

Dec 6, 2011

3-Dec-11 - v0.0.3 - codename: "Terrific jam"
Install link for N9/N950
Install link for N900
* Navigate to a contact's saved address
* Volume control (in general settings)
* Disable screensaver (in general settings)
* Fixed speed reading
- When a previous release was installed, Waze will close itself after the upgrade configuration is done - you can use it as usual afterwards.
- Stable internet connection is mandatory for first run!
- Optional: To remove the data of the previous installation before upgrading, you should remove ~/.waze & ~/MyDocs/.waze

23-Nov-11 - v0.0.2 - codename: "Your thanks, my giving"
Install link for N9/N950
Install link for N900
* Fix the flickering
* Make the media files (audio/images) not show on the gallery/mediaplayer
* Other than that, all of the known issues of the preview release
* You should run `rm -rf /home/user/MyDocs/.waze` before installing this new version
* Stable internet connection is mandatory for first run!

19-Nov-11 - Preview release - codename: "The flickerer" or "I owe my wife 3 weeks worth of hugs"
Install link for N9/N950
Install link for N900
This is a preview release which suffers from the following known issues:
* Screen flickers - a lot
* Some texts are cropped or missing
* Some images are missing
* Get address from phone contact - not implemented yet
* HW Keyboard support - not implemented yet
* OS virtual keyboard support - not implemented yet
* Application closes upon certain settings change
* Phone camera usage is not implemented yet
* Some action related clicks are not played
* The Waze media files are shown in the phone gallery & music applications - don't erase them...
* Screen does not stay lit when navigating

10-Nov-11 - Still in works, no release yet

Waze running on Nokia N950.

Waze on Nokia N900 .

Project page:


Source Maemo.Org

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