Apps: Enabling ICQ in N9 Instant Messaging

Dec 12, 2011

Here the full guide for enabling AIM / ICQ / Yahoo / MSN / QIP / Vkontakte chats and integrating it with the Accounts services on Nokia N9.


Ok, installation should be now as easy as installing these three .deb files in a row.

I've mirrored all of the necessary files for convenience to here:

Direct links:




(You don't need to use sqlite3 or mc-tool anymore!)

  • Click on the packages in order 1-3 to download them
  • Use the Transfers view that pop-ups and single click to install (Yes, it works now )
  • Install packages in order from 1 to 3. Otherwise installation will fail.

Upgrading from a previous version

  • Download file number #3
  • Use filemanager or transfer-view on your phone to find the .deb file
  • click on the file, it will be upgraded automatically

If you wish to deinstall these later, simply go to
Programs -> Manage Programs -> im-providers-additional and select Deinstall.

Note: This will not remove your accounts, they will simply not show up anymore, if you install the package later again, they will reappear.

Note2: If you experience any icon corruption in Accounts view, please restart

Affiliated thread by billranton here: (thanks again!)

Battery usage seems fine so far. A lot better than using pidgin on N900.

Update1: Alternative add method used, which leaves account disabled when adding. Thanks billranton and rexii23

Update2: Now using the packaged .deb for easy installation and setup. AOL Messenger seems not to work for now.

Update3: Mirrored installation instructions to front page: .. not pretty...will do a stylesheet soon.
Incorporated changelog.
Changed topic title

Update4: Thanks @coderus for Vkontakte & QIP providers
Please restart after applying, or ignore the missing icons

Update5: Repackaged .deb files. Now you can install them all by simply clicking on them.


    - Vkontakte and QIP added
    - working AIM


Source Maemo.Org

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