Call For Presentations: Open Mobile Linux At FOSDEM 2012

Dec 14, 2011


Would you and your project like to talk about Open Mobile Linux at FOSDEM 2012? Check out the following mailing list post for information and contact details:

At FOSDEM 2012 we will have a devroom related to Open Mobile Linux. Our primary goal is to facilitate meetups, collaboration and awareness between different projects and communities within Open Mobile Linux
and provide a place to present directions, ideas and your projects themselves.

By Open Mobile Linux we mean any open source projects revolving around typical non-desktop/server Linux, such as handsets, tablets, netbooks or other creative uses. Examples of such projects could be Qt5, Mer,
MeeGo, Android, WebOS, Plasma Active, Tizen, Boot to Gecko, SHR and other related projects.

We have the room AW1.120 with 74 seats, a video projector (VGA), wireless internet on Saturday 4th February for a total of 8 hours.

The format we will be utilizing is lightning talks of length 15 minutes with 10 minutes of questions, 5-minute changeover to next speaker. Our goal is about 15 talks during the day.

The motivation is that after each talk, you and your project will be visible to the rest of the Open Mobile Linux community and further deeper discussions into your topic with your peers can continue outside the devroom.

Please send a short biography and an abstract for your talk to [email protected] by Dec 31st, 2011, and we'll get back to you at latest January 7th.

We're also grateful for volunteers helping to run the devroom. Contact
me if you're interested.
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