Application - Call Recorder for Nokia N9 / N950 - MeeGo Harmattan

Dec 6, 2011

The small stuff to help you to recording your phone calls (incoming/outgoing from Cellular network).


- Version : 0.0.4 beta
- Description : The small stuff to help you to recording your phone calls (incoming/outgoing from Cellular network)
- Require : MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9/N950).
- Download : callrecorder_0.0.4_armel.deb
- Features :

  • Listening and start recording a phone call
  • Using Phone and Recorder service to handle phone call and recording
  • Support WAV audio codecs : WAV 8kHz, 16kHz Mono, Stereo
  • Support AAC audio codecs : MP3 32kHz, 64Kbps ; 32kHz 128Kbps Mono, Stereo
  • Support AMR audio codecs : 3GP 8kHz 6Kbps | 8kHz, 9Kbps Mono
  • Support recording notification : Silent or Push notification after finished recording
  • Support record files management : Open, Delete or Share (over Bluetooth, MMS, ..etc..)
  • Record file sample : <PhoneNumber>_<In/Out>_<10DigitsNumber>.WAV
  • The both service can start/stop by manually
  • All recorded files will be stored at : /home/user/MyDocs/CallRecorder

Quick guide:

  • Download and install the app
  • Open the app and go to Controller tab
  • Tab to select : audio output format and recording notification
  • Click Start button on the both services (Phone and Recorder)
  • Exit


Source Ovi Store

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