Cedartrail MeeGo 1.2 Beta Release Notes

Dec 7, 2011

This is the Beta Release of MeeGo* 1.2.0 for the Cedar Trail Platform. The image name is meego-netbook-ia32-20111123.5.img.

This image includes components supporting the Cedar Trail Netbook chipset:

  • Kernel component: Enables the display driver and includes a kernel service which intercepts commands from user-space and passes to micro-kernels running on GPU. This code is licensed under GPL.
  • User Space driver (PVR545): Closed-source user space 2D/3D and media libraries. The user-space binaries can be distributed only as part of a pre-integrated O/S image. The sources will not be available for distribution or re-distribution. This code is IMG proprietary and supplied under the license included in the image at /usr/share/doc/psb-video-cdv-0.02/license.txt & /usr/share/doc/pvr-bin-cdv-1.7.275140_6/license.txt.

Test configuration

Hardware: Beaver Bridge FFVS Fab C for Cedar Trail-M (B2 step silicon)

Operating System: MeeGo 1.2 update - meego-netbook-ia32-20111123.5.img

BIOS: American Megatrends Version 2.00.1201, project version ACTCRB1.86C.0057.A00


No special install steps are required. See instructions on how to load the image onto your netbook.

Important Notes

Graphics performance, as measured by the graphics section of the Phoronix test suite (, is still being improved. Also, running the 3DMark®Mobile benchmark test ( will cause a crash.

SW Video codec support in this release is for Ogg format only. Customers needing hardware acceleration for video decoding of other formats will need to license codecs from a 3rd party, such as Fluendo (

An open source SW flash decoder is included in this build. An evaluation version of a HW accelerated flash decoder is available from Intel at:

Be sure to select the “Flash_10.2_CDT” download for the MeeGo RPM, and follow the instructions in the release notes to install it.

List of Known Issues and their Tracking IDs

The issues below are tracked at

Top Issues

Hardware22822Fail to recover from S3 state (Need to restart system to solve this issue).
UI22854Battery applet doesn't show correctly.
23939Several UI string are not translated in Simplified Chinese language

Other Issues

22823Sometimes the bluetooth applet cannot start up
22854No battery exposed by kernel
22862Audio capture(mono) doesn't work well with the internal microphone.
23118Cannot display webcam feed smoothly
23367CDTM-PV Audio:USB Speaker/Headset is not detected as default recording/Playback device
23392[chromium] Theme mismatch issue with gtk widgets
23455intel_idle doesn't support Cedar Trail
23458"Unable to find service record" when sending file over Bluetooth
23635IM- Unable to send Friend Request from Yahoo IM
23636IM- Unable to Make Video and voice Calls using the IM application
23637Evolution Mail - Unable to receive yahoo/Hotmail email using POP Server Settings
23654There are two Internet Browsers in the application panel
23957Chrome triggers focus-stealing in mutter
23972Pictures and music folder is empty in non-English environment.
23990Unable to turn ON 3G radio after having turned it OFF
24250On pressing the "Fullscreen" button, video freezes but audio continues
24258“Manage apps” can't install some packages
24264The status of "Security and passwords" is turned on, but it doesn't work
24288gthumb slideshow is visually corrupted
24293"big_buck_bunny_240p" can't be played by Media player
24303IM account shown, in people panel with multiple accounts, is incorrect.
24319The Undo/Redo function doesn't always work in Tasks
24320Right click on content in web browser is not providing expected context menu
24321Unable to Voice Record/Chat when using a Bluetooth device
24324Bluetooth File browsing option is not highlighted when clicking the “send file” tab
24325Unable to format USB HDD with Disk Utility
24326System goes to S3 in xinit, even after disabling
24327Bluetooth cannot be enabled after resuming from S3
243391 pixel corruption on people icons in the people panel

Issues resolved since Alpha release

IDDescriptionRoot Cause
22816Display distorted after configuration changeegl backend bug in cogl
22821Wrong screen color and wrong panel position after changing the resolution of external monitor.Fixed with Graphics driver update
22826Unable to hear sound via Audio Call/Video Call in GTalk.Duplicate of 22862
22829Jabber and qq account unable to log in.Telepathy-haze package updated
22852Toolbar settings dialog is empty at first time.egl backend bug in cogl
22919Some OpenGL applications show artifacts (Neverball, Google Earth)Improved with Graphics drivers and libVA updates.
23093Unable to login to the IM application with Network ProxyMarked as duplicate of 10025
23105Calendar/Alarm reminder doesn’t workEvolution rebuilt with libcanberra
23368Audio not coming upon every reboot, need to adjust volume bar.Pulseaudio didn't write the initialvolume to hw correctly
23379Unable to save volume status by restarting.Fixed with audio driver patch
23381Unable to save the new time after rebooting.‘hwclock’ component now included in image
23388No display after unplugging an external displayFixed with Graphics driver update
23406Lid switch doesn't work.FFVS Hardware is missing magnetic lid switch
23408Applications can't be launched while netbook is connected to an external monitor.Duplicate of 22816
23415Brightness Hotkeys don’t work.Fixed with Graphics driver update



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