Faster N9 Transitions v2.6

Dec 9, 2011

The N9s transitions are cool, but a bit too slow. As luck would have it I have found out how to tweak the N9's transitions.

This MOD will make the N9's transitions about twice as fast. NOTE: This MOD now includes the landscape mainscreens MOD.

To Install:

WARNING: you may want to backup your files first and I am not responsible if you stuff your device.


Version 2.7 (4/12/11).

    • Install script

Version 2.6 (3/12/11).

    • Faster USB Notifications (Charging, USB removed etc.)
    • Smoother window orientation transitions
    • Other minor tweaks

Version 2.5 (3/12/11)

Version 2.4 (2/12/11).

    • Faster switching between VKB's
    • Smoother lockscreen orientation transitions
    • Faster transitions in Call UI app
    • Faster transitions in Location Picker app
    • Faster transitions in Handwriting app
    • Other speed improvements
    • Other improvements

Version 2.3 (30/11/11)

    • More transitions sped up
    • Fixed landscape lockscreen bug
    • Some minor effect modifications


  • Speed up more transitions
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