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Dec 6, 2011

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Did a script for me to make things easier after a reflash of the N950.. as i have to redo all the hacks every time. Thought maybe someone here would find it useful too. So decided to share. Will add some more hacks in the future... Let me know if you are sitting on something and i'll add it. Currently the latest version is v0.1-6. Look the first picture on what hack it does.

Developermode is needed to run the app

Still beta quality.. so it might have some bugs. So be careful when you use it.

Either install it through the browser. You need to have "allow other sources" set in settings.

Or do it with wget from terminal.
1. devel-su
(passwd: rootme)
2. wget
3. dpkg -i n9tweak_0.2-1_all.deb


Source MeeGo

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