MeeGo Tablet App Submission to Come to a Close by the end of year

Dec 11, 2011


Now that MeeGo will no longer be progressed by Intel or the Linux foundation and without MeeGo tablet devices in market, the AppUp developer program will not be accepting MeeGo tablet app submissions for validation, effective December 2011. However MeeGo Netbook app submissions will continue for AppUp.

MeeGo's replacement Operating System Tizen will initially support MeeGo netbook applications but it is thought this support will not continue further down the road. At this point it is hard to see how Tizen is in fact a replacement as Intel have not mentioned anything further regards to Tizen since their initial announcement and this feels as if they are distancing themselves to Tizen opposed to bringing themselves closer. Samsung still has not made an official announcement mentioning the word Tizen.


Source Intel AppUp Developer Program

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