Nokia N9 PR1.2 v22.2011.44.2 on Navifirm?

Dec 7, 2011


Navifirm, the place for pre-release firmwares appears to have a new firmware for the Nokia N9. 22.2011.44.2 (Current v20.2011.40-4).

So is this PR 1.2 ?

Heres the list of anticipated changes:

  • In the handling of applications Added a button to manage applications.
  • The interface now separates the camera flash options (and camera UI was already very awesome)
  • In the video recording interface separated the icon to turn the LED flash.
  • The buttons have a new style
  • On display there is a new option settings Colour Profile
  • Settings Gallery has a new option for face recognition
  • The menu to display an image and has a new option “Insert face”

Has anyone updated to this ? Your feedback is welcome 🙂

Source My Nokia Blog

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