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Dec 2, 2011

Steelrat is and always will be based on an established open source Linux distribution.

On top of the base platform, we have chosen two major application technologies: Qt and HTML5. Steelrat offers extensive support for both.

In addition, NOMOVOK brings its own flavor to the mix, including WRATH high-performance graphics rendering framework, Steelgraph graphics stack, Steelbench testing framework and native build and integration tools. In addition, our builds are optimized for low power consumption and very fast boot-up times.

Additional Services

If Steelrat does not suit your needs for one reason or another, Nomovok provides tailored embedded software solutions as well. These deployments are also often based on established open source Linux distributions, such as Tizen, MeeGo or Ubuntu. Nomovok's build and integration infrastructure provides a native build service for each platform.

In addition, Nomovok hosts a quality assurance infrastructure, which is offered as a service as well as used in-house. The infrastructure is a mixture of code review, unit testing, system testing and integration testing. All individual components in the platform as well as the final platform image go through quality assurance.


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