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Dec 31, 2011

Using telepathy-haze to support pidgin-openfetion(
Steps to install.
1. install libpurple0 and telepathy-haze according to
2. download the attached file
3. unzip
4. using root copy to folder /usr/lib/purple-2/
5. add account
mc-tool add haze/openfetion phonenumber string:account="phonenumber" stringassword="password"
the command will return messages such as "haze/openfetion/phonenumber0"
6. enable account
mc-tool enable "haze/openfetion/phonenumber0" // the msg return

Things todo:
1. we can not input auth code in telepathy, so I need to write a program to do login work, after several logins, then the fetion account will no longer need to auth the account for the current ip region.(I have write a simple minifetion for n950, but the efficient is very pool, everyone who want can ask me for it).
2. Currently I haven't managed to write the proper service and provider files for openfetion.
3. give an install package, since the second step is not completed, so I won't do this now.


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