New Weekly Nemo Mobile Release 0.20111208.2.NEMO.2011-12-22.1 Available for N900, N950 and i586

new Nemo Mobile weekly release is available, with following changes
Dec 23, 2011


new Nemo Mobile weekly release is available, with following changes.

Bugs fixed:
  • NEMO#7 - Terminal has no icon
  • NEMO#9 - Battery indicator is not working
  • NEMO#21 - Swipe extension prints a lot of debug output
  • NEMO#36 - DSME needs to be updated to newer version
  • NEMO#41 - Darko should be default theme
  • NEMO#44 - Winter background
Other changes:
  • Many of the MTF based packages were updated.
  • MeeGo Terminal updated and contains now copy/paste feature
  • Default theme changed to darko
  • quill package updated to another upstream and version numbers is actually lower than before so normal zypper update doesn't work for those packages
  • Images are available at: Bugzilla: Regards,


    Source  MeeGo List Thanks to Marko

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