Mer 0.20120120.1 Released

Jan 22, 2012

Mer 0.20120120.1 has been Released as per mailing list below:


Hi all,
We have a new Mer Core release, 0.20120120.1

This release has been imported into COBS as Mer:fake:Core:*,
and the repository URLs are under

If you find any bugs in this release, please file a bug to

Thanks to all the contributors and bug reporters for this release.

Highlights of this release:

* Qt 4.8.0 final release
* Switch to --linker-hash-style=gnu which may help with getting faster
application startup, as the symbol lookups now are faster due to a
different hash method utilized. This will not work in future MIPS port.
* Switch to DWARF-4 debug symbol format by standard, as an example,
this cuts Qt debug symbols from 314mb to 161mb compressed.
* meego-release is now called mer-release
* New packages: pm-utils, ca-certificates, alsa-utils,
repomd-pattern-builder, mer-kickstarter-configs
* Several package updates

Kickstart files for this release to ease porting work can be found at:

Package mer-kickstarter-configs is now available to start work on
automatically generated kickstart files
based on Mer Core.

Carsten Munk



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