OpenMobile unveils ACL at CES running Android Apps on MeeGo - Soon Tizen

Jan 15, 2012

OpenMobile debuts industry changing Application Compatibility Layer (ACL™) at CES
 enabling OEMs to choose their Device, choose their Operating System,
 and ship with full compatibility to the Android Apps ecosystem. As well as the other major OS's they do promise to release a Tizen compatible version in due course 🙂

Below is a Video Demo of them showing off the "Goodies" at CES 2012:

Here is the full press release:

Las Vegas, at CES, January 9, 2012 – OpenMobile World Wide Inc. today announced its Application Compatibility Layer (ACL™) technology makes the 300,000 Android Apps portable. Unveiling its industry changing technology at CES; OpenMobile will be demonstrating Android Apps on tablets, set top boxes, TVs, netbooks, and more. OpenMobile created its Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)™ enabling hundreds of thousands of Android Apps to run on other Operating Systems. Currently, these applications are locked into the Android operating system, making them unavailable to the 40+ different operating systems / OEM vendors worldwide. OpenMobile’s ACL enables OEMs to break the Apps barrier and ship their devices with full compatibility to these consumer-demanded Apps. For the first time ever, OEMs can choose their device, choose their operating system and ship with full compatibility to the Android App ecosystem.

Debuting in booth #35484 at CES January 10th, OpenMobile will be demonstrating ACL running on three different platforms. Attendees will be able to see ACL running on Tablets, Set Top Boxes, and Netbooks – from within the MeeGo, WebOS and Ubuntu operating systems. And coming soon, OpenMobile expects to release versions of ACL for Tizen, Windows, Bada, QNX, and more.

“Breaking the Apps Barrier is critical for every OEM launching new devices,” said Bob Angelo, CEO of OpenMobile World Wide, Inc. “Hundreds of thousands of Apps bring millions of customers. We believe every device should be able to complete with a full Apps ecosystem, and ACL makes that possible for OEMs shipping Smartphones, Tablets, Set Top Boxes, Connected TVs, In-Vehicle Systems (IVIs), in-Flight Systems, and more.“

OpenMobile was co-founded by Bob Angelo, a serial expert in compatibility. Once responsible for the team that opened the desktop compatibility clone world at Phoenix Technologies Ltd, Mr. Angelo then dove into the laptop/notebook compatibility market with OEMs at Systemsoft. Taking that passion for compatibility to the next step meant addressing the consumer device and embedded markets, hence the creation of OpenMobile and it’s exciting ACL technology.

Since its launch in 2010, OpenMobile has been actively developing its leading edge Application Compatibility Technology ACL™ for OEMs. OpenMobile’s global engineering team spans the United States, China, and India. Collectively they have fast tracked the development of this project and have invested countless hours and years of industry experience in its architecture. OpenMobile’s ACL™ technology truly levels the consumer device playing field, enabling all OEMs to break the Apps barrier and launch all of their devices with a robust Apps ecosystem.

OpenMobile invites all CES attendees and exhibitors to stop by booth #35484 to see all of their favorite apps running seamlessly on multiple devices and multiple platforms. Attendees can experience the incredible performance and complete compatibility while catching up on Facebook, Guitar Hero, or downloading their next read on Kindle.

OpenMobile World Wide Inc.
Today’s consumer device market has become a completely apps driven market. Founded in 2010, OpenMobile’s goal is to have all the devices in this space have access to all of the apps. This is a seminal idea and has the power to change the trajectory of the global mobile marketplace, essentially leveling the playing field. The creation of the proprietary Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)™ by OpenMobile will allow hundreds of thousands of Android Apps to run seamlessly on other OS/device platforms. OpenMobile is headquartered in Framingham, MA, and has offices in China, India and Finland.

ACL is a trademark of OpenMobile World Wide Inc.
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.


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