Raspberry Pi - Auction Update, Factory Video

Jan 6, 2012

When we started auctioning beta Raspberry Pis to raise money for the charity a few days ago, we imagined each one maybe raising a few hundred quid.

Consider our gast well and truly flabbered.

We are absolutely amazed by the generosity of the people bidding on the beta boards. Every penny from the auction goes straight to our charity, where it will fund the making of more Raspberry Pis to go into schools. We know that those bidding are probably reading this, and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to you all for your support.

Just before Christmas, I took some video in Pete’s factory, where he and Eben were busy making a hand alteration to the beta boards. (The fix has been put in at schematic level now, and won’t be present in the production boards.) You can read here about why we needed to make a change. The area being worked on is around a square mm (so a bit challenging to film, but we managed it). The surface mask on the boards needed scraping off on this area before a blob of solder flux, then solder, was applied to make a bridge between two nets. Here are Pete and Eben scraping the night away on one of the boards we’re auctioning tonight: #3.

Betas #2 and #1 will go up for auction tomorrow.




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