SDL and PyGame Available for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

Jan 15, 2012


Thanks to initial porting efforts of Javier Pedro, Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is now available for the Nokia N9. The packages can be installed from the Platform SDK and Nokia Apps repositories. As is the case with other packages in the Nokia Apps repository, applications submitted to Ovi Store are allowed to depend on them. Therefore, you can submit your SDL games to the Ovi Store!

SDL is a cross-platform multimedia library, presenting a simple low-level interface to the platform's audio, input, OpenGL ES, and 2D video framebuffer facilities. It allows easy porting of existing SDL games to Nokia N9.

In addition to the native C-language SDL library, also the the PyGame Python bindings are now available.

List of packages

The following packages are now available in the Nokia Apps and SDK repositories:

  • libsdl1.2
  • libsdl-image1.2
  • libsdl-mixer1.2
  • libsdl-net1.2
  • libsdl-ttf2.0-0
  • libmikmod2
  • python-pygame

The respective header file (-dev) and debugging (-dbg) packages, where applicable, have also been uploaded to the SDK repositories, so that the header files can be installed on the Platform SDK.

Changes to upstream

SMPEG support has been removed. OGG samples can be used instead of MP3 for audio playback. There are also many other changes and additions, including support for OpenGL ES, multitouch, accelerometer sensors, and vibration. To see the full list, refer to the git commit log at and the package changelog.


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