Tizen Source Code / SDK and Samsung i9500 leaked (For a short while)

Jan 8, 2012

So you thought there was nothing much going on in the World of Tizen ? Right ? Wrong !

Today we saw a leak of the leak of the Source Code and SDK from source.Tizen.org . It was only a matter of hours later that this leak was plugged but not before there was confirmation of some information that we already knew and other bits we didn't

Courtesy of Real North we have the following screen shots from the Device Emulator:

Looking through the documents we can see the is no mention of Qt, So we definitely know its out and in its place we have Enlightenment (EFL) which is a development environment that Samsung has been pushing for a long time now. Looking at both Qt and EFL it does seem that there are pros and cons to using both and i'm sure this is going to be a highly contested subject in the coming months that we will be diving into.

The web browser only managed a 52 in the HTML5 test but this is thought to be more limitations of the emulator opposed to what we can expect in real life. I would be shocked if it did not score a reputable score when it comes to the actual device(s).

Also looking at the user agent screenshot we can see that the browser is reporting itself as the Samsung i9500 which could be a strong clue to Samsungs first (and hopefully not last) Tizen device. The only other clues we are given by the Emulator is that it is a 480x800 device with upto 1Gb RAM and interestingly enough we only have the option to select x86 architecture. There is a greyed out option for ARM processors, so these could be an option in the future.

I'm going to do some more digging and will report back soon 🙂
Thanks once again to Real North for the pictures 🙂

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