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Feb 29, 2012
The app comes the with the tried and true tracking features, the training diary and the ability to share workouts on Facebook, Twitter and The Diary will also sync […]
Feb 28, 2012
    Google's speech services on Nokia N9, as simple as select a new keyboard and now speech-to-text sms, voice dialing and voice search is available to N9: QVIK (Quick […]
Feb 28, 2012
Please find below two announcements from the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC). Key points from this release include: Today sees the beta launch of WAC’s new cross platform API designed to […]
Feb 28, 2012
Tizen, the Linux-based OS and successor to Intel and Nokia's MeeGo platform is nearing its market introduction. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Tizen Association and Linux […]
Feb 28, 2012
    An updated Tizen SDK has now been released with source code updates and support for Windows (Windows XP SP3/7 32-bit) as well as Ubuntu. Mac support has still […]
Feb 27, 2012
    Nokia have now started the much awaited PR 1.2 rollout for the Nokia N9. Weighing it at a Whopping 283.1Mb this is going to take a slight while […]
Feb 26, 2012
    The HTML5* Playground is a tool to inspire developers to explore, learn, share and experiment with HTML5 applications and code. It's built with simplicity in mind, and it's social from […]
Feb 24, 2012
    Shortcuts allows you to change the Quick-launch shortcuts on your Nokia N9. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can drag icons to the shortcut bar and view the […]
Feb 22, 2012 is a great source for seeing how platforms are performing with their HTML5 implementations. What’s really amazing to see is that with PlayBook OS 2, RIM has blown the […]
Feb 22, 2012
Since our previous releases of Opera Mobile for MeeGo, we have noticed that a lot of our users have been hanging out for an official Opera Mobile build for the […]
Feb 22, 2012
It is with great pleasure that the GNOME Foundation announces that Hong Kong has been selected as the venue of our upcoming GNOME.Asia 2012. GNOME.Asia 2012 follows the release of […]
Feb 18, 2012
  This is a bugfix release for the 2.20.x series of releases (mostly for Maemo 4 and Maemo 5 support). You probably don't need or want this update - the […]
Feb 17, 2012
    Staying true to its predecessor "MeeGo", the first Tizen Conference has been announced for May 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. This is the same venue […]
Feb 9, 2012
The recently concluded Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2012, held in Brussels, Belgium between 4 and 5 February, was a huge success with a number of […]
Feb 9, 2012
Samsung confirmed this morning in an email to PCMag that the smartphone maker will not be hosting a press conference at Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry trade show at […]
Feb 9, 2012
Please note that the schedule is still fluid and will change as speakers and sessions are finalized. Wednesday, February 15th All Keynote Presentations Are In Grand Ballroom Champagne Bordeaux Veranda […]
Feb 8, 2012
  Measure the light levels of your surroundings. Featuring min and max levels and real time graphs, this app is all you need for your measurements.     New in […]
Feb 4, 2012
It is fair enough to say that Intel has lost its ground as far as Google TV is concerned. However, one should never write-off Intel from entering the Smart TV […]
Feb 4, 2012
Vision-based and 3D Object Tracking AR Obvious Engine is a vision-based augmented reality engine for indie games companies, digital artists, developers and brands. The engine can track the natural features of […]
Feb 3, 2012
Tizen, the Linux-based open-source OS and successor to Intel and Nokia's MeeGo platform is nearing its market introduction. The OS has received a full backing of South Korean electronics giant […]

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