2012 Embedded Linux Conference Schedule

Feb 9, 2012

Please note that the schedule is still fluid and will change as speakers and sessions are finalized.

Wednesday, February 15th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Grand Ballroom

9:00amThe Kernel Report
Jon Corbet, Editor at
10:30amSaving the Power Consumption of the Unused Memory
Loïc Pallardy
What Android and Embedded Linux Can Learn From Each Other
Bernhard Rosenkränzer, Linaro
Ubuntu on ARM: Improvements and Optimizations Done By Linaro
Ricardo Salveti de Araujo, Linaro
11:30amBinary Blobs Attack
Zach Pfeffer, Linaro
Close Encounters of the Upstream Resource
Hisao Munakata, Renesas Electronics
Open Source Automated Test Framework
Daniel Hursh, IBM
2:00pmThe Yocto Project Overview and Update
Saul Wold, Intel
Embedded Linux Pitfalls
Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics, Inc.
Comparing Power Saving Techniques For Multicore ARM Platforms
Vincent Guittot, Linaro
3:00pmStatus of Embedded Linux
Tim Bird, Sony Network Entertainment
A View From the Trenches: Embedded Functionality and How It Impacts Multi-Arch Kernel Maintenance
Bruce Ashfield, Wind River
PeakCurrent Management in x86-Based Smartphones
R Durgadoss, Intel
4:15pmPassing Time With SPI Framebuffer Driver
Matt Porter, Texas Instruments
Multiarch and Why You Should Care: Running, Installing and Crossbuilding With Multiple Architectures
Wookey, Linaro
A New Simplified Thermal Framework For ARM Platforms
Amit Daniel Kachhap, Linaro/Samsung
5:15pmOn The Road: To Provide the Long-Term Stable Linux For The Industry
Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC
Experiences With Device Tree Support Development For ARM-Based SOC's
Thomas P. Abraham, Samsung Electronics
Making RCU Safe For Battery-Powered Devices
Paul E. McKenney, IBM
6:30pmAttendee Reception
Attendee Welcome Reception at the Hiller Aviation Museum (Shuttles will depart from the Sofitel beginning at 6:15pm)

Thursday, February 16th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Grand Ballroom

ChampagneBordeauxVerandaSalon 4
9:00amThe Internet of Things
Mike Anderson, Chief Technology Officer at The PTR Group
10:30amBuildroot: A Nice, Simple, and Efficient Embedded Linux Build System
Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
 Automated Testing with (Embedded Edition)
Steven Rostedt, Red Hat
Intricacies of a MIPS Stack Backtrace Implementation
David VomLehn, Cisco
Android Workshop (10:30am - 12:00pm)
Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
11:30amGStreamer 1.0: No Longer Compromise Flexibility For Performance
Edward Hervey, Collabora
 Automated Testing with (Embedded Edition) (Cont.)
Steven Rostedt, Red Hat
Embedded-Appropriate Crash Handling in Linux
Tim Bird, Sony Network Entertainment
2:00pmARM Subarchitecture Status
Arnd Bergmann, Linaro
The Power of SPDX - Sharing Critical Licensing Information Within a Linux Device Supply Chain
Mark Gisi, Wind River Systems
Ineffective and Effective Ways To Find Out Latency Bottlenecks With Ftrace
Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba
Android Workshop Part II (2:30pm - 6:15pm)
Karim Yaghmour, Opersys
3:00pmUsing virtio to Talk With Remote Processors
Ohad Ben-Cohen, Wizery / Texas Instruments
Embedded License Compliance Patterns and Antipatterns
Elizabeth Flanagan, Intel
Board Bringup: LCD and Display Interfaces
David Anders, Texas Instruments
4:15pmDMA Buffer Sharing: An Introduction
Rob Clark, Texas Instruments
Linux on eMMC: Optimizing For Performance
Ken Tough, Intrinsyc
LAVA Project Update
Paul Larson, Linaro
5:15pmYocto Project Community (BoFs)
Jeff Osier-Mixon, Intel
Real Time (BoFs)
Frank Rowand, Sony Network Entertainment
Common Clock Framework (BoFs)
Mike Turquette, Texas Instruments
6:30pmDemo Session Technical Showcase and Reception
Ballroom Foyer, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Friday, February 17th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Grand Ballroom

9:00amUserland Tools and Techniques For Linux Board Bring-Up and Systems Integration
Hunyue Yau, HY Research LLC
Optimizing the Embedded Platform Using OpenCV
Matt Weber, Rockwell Collins Inc.
M68K: Life in the Old Architecture
Greg Ungerer, McAfee
10:00amUseful USB Gadgets on Linux
Gary Bisson, Adeneo Embedded
GUIs: Coming To Uncommon Goods Near You
Jason Kridner, Texas Instruments
Adapting Your Network Code For IPv6 Support
Mike Anderson, The PTR Group
11:30amProducing the Beaglebone and Supporting It
Koen Kooi, The Angstrom Distribution
HTML5 in a Plasma-Active World
Danny Bennett, basysKom GmbH
Getting the First Open Source GSM Stack in Linux
Marcin Mielczarczyk, Tieto
2:00pmPyTimechart Practical
Pierre Tardy, Intel
Pin Control Subsystem Overview
Linus Walleij, ST-Ericsson
OpenEmbedded - A Layered Approach
Khem Raj, OpenEmbedded Project
3:00pmManaging Kernel Modules With kmod
Lucas De Marchi, ProFUSION Embedded Systems
A New Model for the System and Devices Latency
Jean Pihet, NewOldBits
Controlling Linux Memory Fragmentation and Higher Order Allocation Failure: Analysis, Observations and Results
Pintu Kumar, Samsung
4:30pmClosing Session
Tim Bird, Sony Network Entertainment


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