Obvious Engine Vision-Based AR

Feb 4, 2012

Vision-based and 3D Object Tracking AR

Obvious Engine is a vision-based augmented reality engine for indie games companies, digital artists, developers and brands. The engine can track the natural features of an image, which means you no longer have to use traditional markers and glyphs.

The engine now works with curved surface objects. It's perfect for creating engaging, interactive experiences that blur the line between real and unreal. And there's no need to modify existing objects - the object is the trigger.

You can also see our technology at work in the Chatterbucks app for iPhone.

The reaction to Obvious Engine

"We've seen a lot of interesting demos of augmented reality applications, such as Qualcomm's Vuforia, but nothing's really captured the public's imagination so far — hopefully things like Obvious Engine will help push AR into the mainstream" 



Source Obvious Engine

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