Tizen SDK Beta & Source Code Updates Released - Windows as well Ubuntu Support

Feb 28, 2012



An updated Tizen SDK has now been released with source code updates and support for Windows (Windows XP SP3/7 32-bit) as well as Ubuntu. Mac support has still not materialised and there is a long list of developers waiting for that one.

Final release of the SDK is now slated as the second quater of 2012 but I was sure once upon a time it was supposed to be February as announced at Intel Elements last year.

Please find below the original Announcement and Links:

Today, we are happy to announce that Tizen beta source code and SDK are available. We encourage developers to start working with these new features and functionality to provide feedback that can be used to improve Tizen during the final stages of its development. You can visit the community page to learn more about participating.

Compared with the earlier code preview, the beta has additional features, tools, and other improvements, including:

Please keep in mind that, like the earlier version, this is a preview and not yet designed for use to create production applications. Further enhancements and improvements to Tizen and its development environment will continue as we work towards a final release, targeted for the second quarter of 2012.


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