gTalk Video Now Available for the Nokia N9 - MeeGo Harmattan

Mar 2, 2012


gTalk Video has now become available for the Nokia N9 via a download off the Nokia Store. The App fully integrates video calling into the contact list.

This package enables video calling with Google Talk contacts. The feature is integrated to Contacts and Phone applications. Device will automatically
reboot after the installation of the package.

Please note: Nokia N9 v1.2 (or later) software is required to install this package. Additionally, your friends must have a capable device and an accurately configured Google account in order to make a video call.

A word of Warning, Some users have found that they get an error when trying to install applications following a PR1.2 update and simply rebooting a couple of times has helped some and a total reflash has helped others as discussed in this thread.

Also I found that normal gTalk voice calls stopped working for me and uninstalling this app helped. I'm still looking into this problem. I welcome your input 🙂


Download from Ovi Store

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