New EFL Release Cycle 1.0/1.2/1.6 ALPHA

New EFL Release to include Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary:
Mar 26, 2012

New EFL Release to include Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary:

We'd like to announce a new release cycle alpha release of several Enlightenment components. This round we have added Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary.

Emotion is a library to handle video playback using Gstreamer, Xine or other external plugins (VLC) and display video in Evas as a standard object. It also can handle audio playback too. Eio is here to support Emotion with async IO API's.

Ethumb is a thumbnail generator library that supports the thumbnailing standards, and is implemented as a dbus service and a client-side library that handles dealing with that service for you.

Elementary is our new widget set, built on top of the rest of EFL, to provide you with standard widgets and behaviour to make it easy to write GUI applications.


  • Eina 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Eet 1.6.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Evas 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Ecore 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Embryo 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Edje 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Efreet 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • E_dbus 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Eeze 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Expedite 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Evas Generic Loaders 1.2.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Eio 1.0.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Emotion 1.0.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Ethumb 1.0.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]
  • Elementary 1.0.0 - [GZ] [BZ2]


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