MyMoves 0.2.1: Vibra Feedback, Bring back Simple 3-Finger Gestures

Mar 12, 2012


Looks like sandst1 is happy to receive his first patch for MyMoves. Read on for the Blow by Blow:

Wohoo, MyMoves got its first patch! o/

Thanks to this patch from ledimies, we’ve now got vibra feedback
support in the application. It follows the system feedback profiles, so if you turn off the feedback,
MyMoves won’t vibrate either.

The vibra feedback is played each time a gesture is successfully recognized. This is very useful since
now you will know if MyMoves recognized your gesture or if the start of the action/application/bookmark
is the one taking a bit more time.

The other addition in this version are 8 three-finger gestures, the same simple ones as in
the two-finger case: up, down, left, right and the corner-to-corner gestures.

Version 0.2.1 is now pending in the Store QA process, hopefully it’ll arrive soon : )



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