As we all know MeeGo is the Operating System (OS) created through the joint efforts between Nokia and Intel. Fast forward and the Nokia N9 was born to critical acclaim and the sure end of the Operating System. Well according to Netbook news they have information from an industry insider that:


“Nokia is working on 2 new low end MeeGo handsets”


… and the information was received directly from Nokia’s Next Billion Group. The Next Billion Group are responsible for bringing the next billion people to the internet.


At Nokia World 2011 in London, I did hear whispers of Nokia still working on MeeGo but I put that down to people confusing Meltemi with MeeGo as both are Linux based OS.

Could MeeGo still survive beyond these two devices?

Well the role of MeeGo within Nokia is claimed to be “future disruption in mobile ecosystem”, So being on another Billion devices certainly could be seen as a worldwide disruption but we will have to wait and see what these two devices have in store.

Many have felt that Nokia’s decision of not pursuing MeeGo was incorrect considering its existing development base, the fact it is Linux and therefore requires lower specification hardware and also the fact that the Nokia N9 ROCKS!

Could MeeGo have more in store? Let’s see hey…

Source NetBook News