MeeWiMan – Wi-Fi Scanner for Nokia N9 – MeeGo Harmattan


MeeWiMan by Artem Bukin is a Wi-Fi scanner for the Nokia N9 which as of today is available in the Nokia Store (same release date as the iPad ???)

Once Scanning commences it shows a list of found Wi-Fi hotspots. Strengths of the varies WiFi signals close to you are shown as dBm units. Readings higher than -50dBm gets a green “Go” color, showing its a suitable connection and readings lower than -90dBm are coloured red “Stop” meaning do not use or move your Ass closer to the WiFi Access Point 🙂

MeeWiMan shows further informations by tapping the name of a Wi-Fi signal. Those are service sets SSID, BSID or what kind of security (like WPA or WPA2 which are two security protocols for Wi-Fi connections). In addition you find two shortcuts: Connect (to the chosen signal) and Settings which brings you to N9’s wireless connection settings menu.

Download MeeWiMan from Nokia Store (free)


Source AllBoutN9