Application - Wazapp for Nokia N9/N950 is out as a Public Beta

Wazapp for N9 is out as a public beta. Get it from
May 18, 2012


Wazapp for N9 is out as a public beta. Get it from 



  • Wazapp 0.2.7:Change log:
    • Fixed Login (Thanks to Scorpius and ginggs for the patches)
    • No more "Wazapp not supported" during registration
  • Wazapp 0.2.6:
    Change log:

    • Changed isolation level to None. Should fix #11
    • Keyboard now doesn't close on send. fixed #3
    • Now using native speechbubble (knobtviker)
    • changed to Wazapp string name in Quit Dialog
    • Now using standard emoji set
    • Can now send Emoji (Thanks to knobtviker)
    • Landscape is usable now (Thanks to knobtviker)
    • Corrected Exception name in WALogin

Enjoy testing and please report any bugs to tarek[at]wazapp[dot]im


Source Maemo.Org


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