LinuxCon Japan 2012 - Schedule - Tizen

Please note that the schedule is still fluid and will change as speakers and sessions are finalized.
May 29, 2012



Please note that the schedule is still fluid and will change as speakers and sessions are finalized.

Wednesday, June 6th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Room 503

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation
9:30Expectations for Tizen
Dr. Kiyohito Nagata, Senior Vice President, NTT DOCOMO
10:00Linux Kernel Maintainers: What They Do and How You Can Help Them
Greg Kroah-Hartman, Fellow at The Linux Foundation
10:30Breaking the Billion Dollar Barrier: 10+ Years of Red Hat Linux
Brian Stevens, CTO and vice president, Worldwide Engineering at Red Hat

Virtualization Mini-SummitTizen Mini-SummitLinux Community 101
Room 501Room 502Room 511/512Room 411/412Room 413Room 414/415
11:30Linux Powered Storage: Building a Storage Server with Linux
Ric Wheeler, Red Hat
Introduction to RepOSS
Masahiro Date, Fujitsu
Linux Network Latency
Herbert Xu, Red Hat
KVM Weather Report
Orit Wasserman, Red Hat
Introduction to Tizen and Tizen Mobile Architecture
Seokjae Jeong, Samsung
How The Linux Kernel is Developed
Greg Kroah-Hartman, The Linux Foundation
12:20Lunch Break
14:00Status of Linux 3.x Realtime and Changes From 2.6
Frank Rowand, Sony
The Btrfs Filesystem: Status and New Features
Chris Mason, Oracle
IPv6 Readiness Utilizing Embedded Linux and Virtualization
Timo Jokiaho & Mario Smarduch, Huawei
Open vSwitch and Software Defined Networking
Jesse Gross, Nicira
HTML5, WebApp Development & WebAPIs 
Sakari Poussa, Intel
Being a Japanese Linux Developer, and Working on Linux for a Japanese Company
Hiroyuki Kamezawa, Fujitsu (Moderator)
15:30A SUSE Review
Alan Clark, SUSE
On The Way to a Healthy Btrfs Towards Enterprise
Liu Bo, Fujitsu
Who is Developing the Linux Kernel?
Chen Wang, Trend Micro
Software Defined Network, Openflow Protocol & Ryu Operating System
Isaku Yamahata, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K. & Kazutaka Morita, NTT
Introduction to Tizen SDK 
Jisoo Kim, Samsung
Student Presentations
View More Information About Linux Community 101
16:30Power Savings with SSD Auto-Runtime Power Management
Lin Ming, Intel
Proposal of Live Dump
Masanori Yoshida, Hitachi
ARM Mach-Shmobile CPU Core PM Overview
Magnus Damm, Renesas
Live Disk Operations: Juggling Data and Trying to go Unnoticed
Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat
Introduction to Tizen IVI
Tosh Mitsue, Intel
Student Presentations
View More Information About Linux Community 101
17:45VIP Dinner Reception

Thursday, June 7th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Room 503

9:30Collaboration in the Open Source World
Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC
10:00Virtualization Advancement With Linux
Jim Wasko, Director, Linux Technology Center at IBM
10:30Linux Distribution Panel
Alan Clark, SUSE; Bdale Garbee, HP; David Mandala, Canonical; Jon Masters, Red Hat; Moderated by Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation

Virtualization Mini-SummitOpen Compliance Mini-Summit
Room 501Room 414/415Room 511/512Room 411/412Room 413
11:30State of Building Linux with LLVM
Mark Charlebois, QuIC
Applying Clang Static Analyzer to Linux Kernel
Hiroo Matsumoto, Fujitsu
Ubuntu ARM - What Is It?
David Mandala, Canonical
Mitigating Latency Issues & Postcopy Live Migration for KVM/QEMU
Takuya Yoshikawa, NTT & Isaku Yamahata, VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.
View the Open Compliance Mini-Summit Schedule
12:20Lunch Break
14:00The Business of Contribution
Bdale Garbee, HP
Running uClinux on ARM Cortex-M3 Platform
Sun Wei, Fujitsu
ARM Sub-Architecture Status
Arnd Bergmann, Linaro
Status and Directions for Libvirt Virtualization API & Libvirt for Enterprise Use
Daniel Veillard, Red Hat & Hu Tao, Fujitsu
View the Open Compliance Mini-Summit Schedule
15:30Yocto Project Overview and Update
Saul Wold, Intel
Evalution of CPU Cgroup
Taku Izumi, Fujitsu
LTSI : Yet Another Long-Term Stable Kernel
Hisao Munakata, Renesas
Low-Overhead Ring-Buffer of Kernel Tracing & Tracing Across Host OS and Guest OS
Yoshihiro Yunomae, Hitachi & Akihiro Nagai, Hitachi
View the Open Compliance Mini-Summit Schedule
16:30Ftrace Event Tracer and Enhancement for Flight Recorder
Hiraku Toyooka, Hitachi
Dracut: Introduction and Overview
Cong Wang, Red Hat
Embedded Kernel Back-Porting
Simon Horman, Horms Solutions Ltd.
Tracking KVM IssuesIntroduction to oVirt
Xiao Guangrong, IBM & Barak Azulay, Red Hat
View the Open Compliance Mini-Summit Schedule

Friday, June 8th

All Keynote Presentations Are In Room 503

Room 501Room 502Room 511/512Room 411/412
9:30OpenRelief - Using Open Source Software and Open Hardware for Frontline Disaster Relief
Shane Coughlan, Opendawn & Karl Lattimer, Codethink Ltd
Platform Device Drivers And Generic PM Domains Framework
Rafael Wysocki, Renesas / SUSE Labs
The Fedora ARM Project
Jon Masters, Red Hat
Qt: a cross-platform application and UI framework
Tasuku Suzuki, Nokia
10:30Application Fault Tolerance Using Continuous Checkpoint/Restart
Tomoki Sekiyama, Hitachi
Platform Device Drivers And Generic PM Domains Framework (Part II)
Rafael Wysocki, Renesas / SUSE Labs
Memory Cgroup: What Is Going On
Hiroyuki Kamezawa, Fujitsu
Kernel Browsing and Hacking Using KDevelop
Alexandre Courbot, NVIDIA
11:30EEH Overview
Gavin Shan, IBM
IO-Less Dirty Throttling
Fengguang Wu, Intel
A Linux Application Tool to Leverage the Full Capability of Hardware
Kohki Ishikawa, IBM
Linux Memory Fragmentation : Observation and Analysis on Smart Phones
Pintu Kumar, Samsung
14:00One zImage to Rule Them All
Deepak Saxena, Linaro
Revving Up Linux for Automotive
Rudi Streif, The Linux Foundation
QoS Handling with DVFS Mechanisms
MyungJoo Ham, Samsung
Content-Centric Embedded Treasure Hunting Robot
Noritsuna Imamura,
15:00A Story of Linux to Become Irreplaceable Software Fundamental for Consumer Electronics Products
Satoru Ueda, Sony
State of the Linux Kernel Security Subsystem
James Morris
Freedom, Out of the Box!
Bdale Garbee, HP
Lightning Talks
Noriaki Fukuyasu, The Linux Foundation (Moderator)
16:20Panel: Linux Virtualization
Jesse Gross, Nicira; Daniel Veillard, Red Hat; Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao, NTT (Moderator)
17:00Social vs Technical Engineering in the Kernel:What This Means for Japanese Developers
James Bottomley, CTO, Server Virtualization at Parallels
17:25International / Asian Kernel Developer Panel
Arnd Bergmann, Linaro; Masami Hiramatsu, Hitachi; Chris Mason, Oracle; Cong Wang, Red Hat
Moderated By James Bottomley, Parallels
18:00Closing Reception



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