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Panjgoori, asked me to make a tutorial for my desktop I posted here
May 29, 2012

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Panjgoori, asked me to make a tutorial for my desktop I posted here

Desktop 1: - General

Desktop 2: - Calendar
If not online, ext IP, ESSID, wlan0 IP dissappear

Desktop 3: - System

Right now, I won't write all of this tutorial but see this as a start. I will slowly adding all needed goodies. This is clearly a WIP as I don't have the time the write this tutorial at once. I will ignore all whining, only useful suggestions, support will appreciated. I cleary suck at writing this noob-friendly so any help is useful 


For now it's only the modified theme, as stated

Setting up the theme and icons and widgets

apt-get install black-plastic-theme awoken-icon-theme connectnow-home-widget queen-beecon cal-home-widget

For getting a better look I modified some files of the theme
Get them here: Download

  1. In the package you will find the wallpaper I used+modified from the BT5 distro.
  2. The modified bits of the Black-plastic wallpaper

paste the the plastic-dark-black folder in


It probably asks you to overwrite, answer with yes.

Go to theme customizer

  1. Select Plastic Dark Black Theme
  2. Change Icon-Theme to awoken-icon-theme
  3. Apply Changes

Setting up Desktop

2 ways of adding queen beecon widgets

Way 1(All your current QB Widgets will be deleted, but most fool-proof):

  • Clear your desktop from all widgets
  • Place the .queen_beecon file in /home/user/ this will replace all your current QBW widgets, overwrite and backup if needed
  • Place the .queen_beecon_dir in /home/user/ this contains all images needed for the widgets
  • Then finally add all these pre made widgets to the desktop the way you would normally add a widget

Some fonts which I used on my device are not available on yours, so change the font settings by configuring the qbw.

Download the images and qbw file: here

Way 2: Import them one by one

I have not exported them so only way 1 is available for now


For a nice suitable portrait wallpaper look here


Source Maemo.Org

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