Setting up Qt-Components "Development Environment"

Below is what developer Sage (Marko Saukko) did to setup his Qt Components Development Environment
May 22, 2012

Below is what developer Sage (Marko Saukko) did to setup his Qt Components Development Environment.

First I needed to install qt-development tools for the linux distribution I have currently installed, i.e., openSUSE 12.1. So I needed to install libqt4-devel package:

sudo zypper install libqt4-devel

Then it was time to get the qt-components, which can be found from gitorious. So get them from there and install:

git clone git://
cd qt-components
./configure -meego
sudo make install

Then it was time to get themes working for the qt-components. For this I installed first the base theme called meegotouch-theme:

git clone git://
cd meegotouch-theme
sudo make install

And then I installed the actual theme. For this I used the default theme that is provided also in Nemo Mobile called meego-handset-theme-darko:

git clone
cd meego-handset-theme-darko
sudo mkdir /usr/share/themes/darko
sudo cp -r meegotouch/ index.theme /usr/share/themes/darko/
sudo cp -r blanco/ /usr/share/themes/
sudo cp -r /usr/share/themes/darko/
# Blanco has links to meegotouch which we add from darko theme
sudo ln -s darko/meegotouch /usr/share/themes/meegotouch

And finally I took one of the qt-components/qml based applications that is in Nemo to try out my configuration

git clone [email protected]:nemomobile/qmlfilemuncher.git
cd qmlfilemuncher

After this I had the QML/qt-components application running without any problems. So time to start learning more QML, fixing bugs and implementing features. 🙂 Of course this doesn't include yet all the libraries and API's use in Nemo Mobile, but it is a start.


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