Tizen Development Unit Programme is now Live!

The Tizen Development Unit Program has just gone LIVE. If you feel that you can make use of the device to further your Tizen development goals then read on. The Information below originally was posted on the Tizen Project Website
Asseh Rebecca
Jun 19, 2012

Application developers can now get development hardware they can use for Tizen work. The Linux Foundation has gone Live again with the Tizen Development Unit Program and qualified Application Developers can get Tizen compatible hardware in order to Develop Tizen Applications. The Tizen Development programme available with the Intel NUC and Samsung RD-PQ is not a phone and cannot be used to make calls. It does not contain the features of a consumer phone since it is intended for developers who require physical hardware including a touchscreen.

The specification of the unit includes a Melfas touchscreen controller to be used by mobile device implementers, application developers and operators for the development of portable application software. The CPU of 1.2 GHz dual-core A9 chip and RAM of 1GB are bonded together. Tizen development unit comes with;

Graphics: Mali-400 MP

LCD Dimensions: 720×1280

Pixels: (58×103 millimetres)

WiFi / Bluetooth: BCM4330, 802.11a/b/ g/n MAC/Baseband/Radio with Integrated

Bluetooth 4.0+HS & FM Transceiver

GPS: SiRFstarIV GTD4T-9600B

Near Field Communication (NFC): NXP-44501 (no antenna)

HSPA+: Intel XMM 6260

Si470x FM Radio Receiver

Audio: Yamaha (C1-YMU823 aka MC1N2)

KR3DH accelerometer

AK8975: 3-axis Electronic Compass

L3G4200D low-power three-axis angular rate sensor

Camera chip: mbg043

Specific criteria must be met before an application developer can get a development unit. Only qualified applicants will be chosen since there is a limited supply of the unit. The application would be open from September 18 to October 17, 2014.


Source Tizen Developers

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