LunarCannon-Tizen-Developer- Device
This one of the very first games that has been ported over to the Tizen Platform by software developer Ahmet Yildirim. He also has the the desktop version that is playable at


I was a huge fan of Maemo ever since N810. I have developed a Telepresence Robot with N810 and a Bluetooth Watch for N900. I have developed an entertaining and fun 2d game that uses enhanced HTML5 technologies to create an intuitive game experience for players. The game is called LunarCannon. As the name suggests you shoot cannonballs to space to protect our planet against martian spaceship cruising towards earth but the fun part about game is that you have to consider gravitational forces of other planets in our case the Moon which also known as Lunar …


Demo Video:

Porting LunarCannon to Tizen OS in less than 2 minutes:

The Game will be available for the general public as soon as a Tizen installer packager and devices get released. He has also entered the Intel Tizen Developer Contest with his experiences of HTML5 and Tizen.