[Video] Review - Clingo Universal Podium

Jun 5, 2012


As on earth all men are not created equal, I can assure you that not all phone holders are created equal. I present you, the Clingo Universal Podium. This can be considered a premium holder as there certainly doesn't feel anything cheap about it and the price tag also reflects this (£19.99 inc VAT).


So whats this green stuff about then (look up). Well this is the super sticky "stuff" that will stick to your tech (without leaving a slimey residue). I tested the holder with quite a few phones and it handled them all without any problems. Line up your phone, stick it on and then when you are finished just peel it off.



The holster has got a very satisfying ball-socket joint that is very smooth, there does not seem to be any lubrication on it, just very smooth plastic on smooth plastic. The bottom part of the holder is made of solid black coated steele and it has sufficient weight so you can actually use and prod your devices screen 🙂



The bottom of the holder has some hard-soft plastic and this will make sure it doesn't scratch up your important furniture as well.






With devices being able to play more video,music and video conferencing, it is important to have a desk companion that will hold your tech securely and allow you to view it different viewing angles. This product does that and does that well. Strong build. Strong sticky stuff and strong metal. Love it !


Source Mobile Fun

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